Finally, a way to recover a lost safe

Recovery, permissions, delegation & alerts for your existing SAFEs

Multi-sig SAFEs are the best solution to securely manage digital assets. With Multipal, your SAFE gets enhanced with better options for recovery, tiered permissions and delegation & notification alerts, to take your self-custody to the next level.

Same Safe. New Capabilities.


Multipal lets you easily recover assets in the event of a disaster, with options for social, contract-based, or centralised recovery. This ensures that organisations can always have access to their assets, even in the event of a disaster.


Multipal enables custom approval methods (multi-sign, email) for specific contracts and functions on the Safe, streamlining processes for lower stake activities and creating a secure, efficient workflow tailored to the organization's needs.


Multipal allows users to set up custom alerts for important SAFE transactions via SMS or email. Get instant confirmation and visibility of activity on your SAFE so nothing happens without you knowing about it.

How does it work

Every Safe comes with the ability to be extended by modules. Modules offer an alternative code path for interacting with the Safe. Multipal is a standard Safe Module that you interact with via the Multipal UI.


Recovery is enabled by setting up delegate wallets or contracts that have the ability to change the owners on the Safe after a cooldown period.


Permissions are enabled by setting up limits to enable some functions to be executed using fewer signers than the Safe rules.

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